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When Supporting entertainment becomes fun

Aaron Lawrence

by Aaron Lawrence



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Credit Rating: A-

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I have been working and developing for many years on building and desigigning games!

All have been free to use/play with the option to donate! This option was not used enough therefore i couldnt proceed because the cost was to high to run.

I know have built and designed another game. but this time i wont to employ people to help maintain and keep building bigger and better! 

All funds will be deposited to ensure that this time round we can make it enjoyable and fun and give people a experience they would pay for.

our plans

My plan/goal is to make the next massive browser based game people find fun and interesting! Something that would give a stable income and something that will keep me working to achieve great results.

our team

Ive been solo in all my projects... I strive for results and work hard to get them! i respond to peoples feedback fast and think of the strategies of implementing them! 

I learnt developing without any education and been doing it for around 4-5 years.. the next step is crucial.