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Parent academy - parenting online education

Partner with a platform that will help thousands of parents

Anderson Menger

by Anderson Menger

Porto Alegre


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 The mission of the parent academy is to help parents educate winning children.

for that we use digital media to reach and teach more and more parents to raise winning children every day.

Target Audience

Countries reached - Brazil, Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Target audience fathers and mothers.

Ways to earn:

- Courses for parents.
- Platform subscription with specialists.
- Physical products in e-commerce
- Partnership with other producers.

about us

We are a team of three people.
2 specialists (a piscicologist and a pedagogue)

We want to raise funds to increase our reach and thus increase our cash flow.

The value we want to achieve is $ 2,000.00 to invest in ads and have a greater acquisition of customers.

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