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Nft pw 2023

Enjoy Citizen World! Become a DOSI Citizen and experience a new world

Charli  D'amelio

by Charli D'amelio



$ 3.00 per share

Reputation: 100.00% (positive +0, 0)
Credit Rating: A-

$ 55.00 per share

$0.00 (0.0%)

Monthly Dividend: $0.01

Annual Return: 0.22%

Total shares: 65

Shares for Sale: 9

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Here are the four unique and special features of the DOSI platform: a platform ready to shape the NFT popularization.

Branded Stores :

       You can find a variety of NFT collectibles and join the community.

Easy payment :

       DOSI supports easy social login and multiple payment methods including fiat, credit cards, and crypto.

Special Membership :

       Anyone can become a DOSI Citizen and earn benefits. 

Global Service :

      Global NFT platform DOSI offers a variety of languages.

How can I get a reward from Adventure or more chances to win?

         How can I get a reward from Adventure or more chances to win?

         The more you join adventures, the higher your win rate will become.

         It takes 100DON to go on an adventure one time, 200DON for twice, 300DON for three times, 400DON for four times, and 500DON for 5 times.

       Join the weekly Adventure many times to raise your win rate and get the NFT gift!

about us

What is DOSI Citizen?

       DOSI Citizen is a program made only for DOSI members.

       Members who joined DOSI via DOSI Wallet can participate in this membership program.

      Citizen NFT has four levels total, and it is possible to raise your level.

      Get the Citizen Profile NFT via airdrop after joining the Wallet and enjoy various benefits made only for DOSI Citizens.

1 share ($55.00) benefits:
  • View reports
  • Post in Discussions (no more than 100 posts per month)
  • Vote
  • Perform jobs (like Write article, Review article, Post article)
  • Chat (no more than 100 chat messages per month)
5 shares ($275.00) benefits:
  • Take position of Regional Representative
  • Take position of Chat Moderator
  • Take position of Blog Moderator
10 shares ($550.00) benefits:
  • Raise proposals
100 shares ($5,500.00) benefits:
  • Take position of Proposals Moderator
  • Take position of Customer Care Manager
300 shares ($16,500.00) benefits:
  • Take position of Sales Manager
  • Take position of Customer Care Coordinator
500 shares ($27,500.00) benefits:
  • Take the CEO position
1000 shares ($55,000.00) benefits:
  • Be elected to the board of directors