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Mkombozi fresh oil mills

Healthy eating for a strong heart beating

John Kapesula

by John Kapesula



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We are a team of professional farmers and agro processor who specialise in value chain addition where we are  growing oil crops, processing and supplying cooking oil made from sunflowers and ground nuts. We believe that cooking oil from sunflower and groundnuts are esential for our health. This small business started in 2017 with a small starting capital where we managed to buy a screw press oil machine and the filter. We have been making good progress since we were able to achieve 500% returns. A lot of customers have been attracted by our fresh oils, sunflower meals for animal feeds and good service which makes our services to be more in demand

what do we need

As the demand gets higher, we need more raw materials and more land to increase our production. The biggest challenge that we are faced with so far is insufficient funds to buy more raw materials and produce more through farming. Clients are our first priorityy, we aim at providing the best customer services at all times, so we need a second delivery van so that our customers get assisted instantly without any delay. We plan to accelerate the market sales through massive  online advertising, flyers, social nertworkse.etc.

about us

We are a team of 5 hard working professionals with complementary background, farming and processing skills, we work as a team and every team member has a specific role to play in accomplishing our goal. We empower ourselves with knowledge by conducting research, attending business serminars, work shop to ensure that our business runs smoothly.

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