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Jennys fast foods

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Alex Meatus

by Alex Meatus



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Good day to you my invetors,

I am Alex Meatus from west uganda the land of innovation.

I am hereby looking for funding for a restaurant that will serve residents of west Uganda with food at an affodable price without compromise to quality.

I have a team of cooks, managers, waiters and waitresses and other support staff like the cashiers, receptionists and cleaners.

This project was conceived several years ago and is now taking off.

A Return On Investment of more than 200% in the shortest time possible as compared to other investments awaits all the investors that buy this share.


Alex Meatus.


our plans

Good day to you my investors. 

Greetings from the management of Jenny's Fast Food Restaurant. 

To achieve this goal of setting up an industry disruptor in the food business, we need to acquire some money for rent, purchase of food stuffs, making of unifoms, purchase of furniture and kitchenware amongst other things.



Alex Meatus


who we are

Who We Are.


We are a team of professionals from different fields of occupation including:

The chef who has lots of expeience in cooking and recipes in general.

Kitchen assistants, who help the cook to arrange the kitchen and help prepare the food stuffs.

The waiters and waitresses who serve meals to the clients.

The manager who oversees the whole place and makes sure things run smoothly

The cashier who receives the money and issues receipts.




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