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Travel to himalayas

Your guide to the world's highest mountains and world's best trekking routes

Vinaya Ghimire

by Vinaya Ghimire



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Travel to Himalayas is a Travel company specializing in guided Himalayan tours. We take you to the base of Everest, Annapurna and many other Hinalayan mountains. We take you to mountain expeditions as well as trekking.

Basically we offer three types of tour packages:

Classic: A classic trekking package includes basic path to complete your trekking route, and all the basic amenities you’ll need. Plus, you’ll be offered with typical Nepali dinner with live music and a native beverage (if you like to have drinks) at a Nepali restaurant. However, you have to carry your backpacks yourself. If you are seeking a package friendly for your pocket as well as pocket-watch, this package is the best for you.

Luxury: You’ll have a porter to handle your luggage, and a quite comfortable trek than the classic package. In addition, a luxury package offers few destinations which you’ll find fascinating the more you explore. For example, there are several villages with unique tribal cultures, a glimpse of cultural beauty and “unity in diversity” in Nepal.

Royal: The name itself is sufficient to let you know what we are going to offer you. Top facilities we can offer, and a never lacking excitement throughout the trek. Boating, bungee jumping, wildlife safari are some of the privileges only a royal package can offer. If you opt for an adventurous and luxurious trek, all we recommend is a royal package. It will make you feel no less than a king.

We are looking forward to invest more on our company. We need money to buy trekking and mountain expedition logistics.

our plans

We started our company from scratch. We invested money on our company from our pockets. When we made money by taking travellers to Annapurna, Langatang, Mustang and Everest, we invested more on our company. Currently, we are seeking more investment. We want to establish regional branches, hire a staff of expert tour guides, and buy trekking and mountain expedition gears.

our team

Hello Traveller,
Travel to Himalayas is formed of a group of young, energetic, dedicated and friendly travel enthusiasts. We at Travel to Himalayas are focused on providing you with trekking packages that will be among the few memorable moments of your life. With each of step you take on the lap of Himalayas, we will be there to share your joy. Meanwhile, you'll be get more familiar with the Nepalese culture and community.