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Gold recycling

the Environmentally-Friendly Alternative

Jorge Ramos

by Jorge Ramos



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To extract only 10 grams of gold, huge conveyor systems must move up to 5 tonnes of ore. With the extravagant use of heavy machinery, diesel exhaust fumes are emitted into the atmosphere. Also the use of chemicals such as mercury and cyanide make gold prospecting a burden on the environment. We are here to propose the idea of making gold usable again by taking out the gold of dental gold, in old, faded and no longer worn jewellery, but above all in defective technical equipment, industrial fittings as well as electrical scrap. Due to its excellent material properties, gold has a multitude of uses in modern technological products.

our plans

Recycle the gold of scrap material and resell it.

The most exciting recycling source is undoubtedly our electrical scrap. The electrical contacts in mobile telephones, computers or cars sometimes include a small amount of gold, which improve the electrical conductivity. Also factories, workshops and residential homes count as gold bearing, which is why experts talk of “urban mining” and initially claim these “suburban deposits” before destroying the natural environment.

about us

We care about the environment and making money because one is not different of the other as we are making the people care about this problem by proposing ways of taking care of the problem.

Everybody can make his contribution. A mobile phone, an old laptop are important raw material sources, that should not be simply thrown in the rubbish unused.

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