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Building special crypto to help all poor people

i will try to work harder to help all poor people

Abdelbasset Louail

by Abdelbasset Louail

Bordj Bou Arreridj


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its long story with me that i live in hard life and every day i see i lot of poor black african people live in bad life african and syrian people and see other people dying from hunger so i decide to do somthing big that i can help the humanity 

our plans

our plans 

open company in my country to invest money for woking in our crypto and other stuff and we keep give 65 percent to all people 

after that we take another action to up our investment 

who we are

me and my other team from algeria we have company in usa in in india 

and we work on usa and india and lil bit in japan and korea we help people 

and i feel comfortbal to helping people to get rich 

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