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Ardent garden rnd

A little of your help will help a lot of people

Rain Schnee

by Rain Schnee



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We are a team of gardeners who are currently researching on how to increase the harvest quantities and the qualities of vegetables and fruits. We started with a small piece of land, a simple storehouse and and a few equipment. After a few months operating, our team are able to help other gardeners and farmers to increase their harvest by providing data and lots of useful tips.

However, the most crucial problems that our team have encountered so far is insufficient funds. These funds are needed to buy new equipment(if needed), land expansion, varies plants, seed of vegetables and fruit, nutrients and pesticides care and a also chemicals.

We're hoping that everyone who see this post will support us raising some funds. Thank you for reading and please support our team. We believe that you can help us to make things better by sharing this post and funds our team.

our plans

Well, we are planning to buy new equipment as mostly of the current equipment are either broken or cannot be used anymore. We are also planning to buy land extension since most of the plants are growing bigger and a small piece of land won`t be enough for them to grow.

who we are

We are currently researching on how to increase the productivity and the quality of the harvest especially fruits. We have

John Ardent as the Head Researcher

Rain Schnee as Reseacher Assistant

Victoria Vladmirsch as Secretary and Tresurer

Jaune de Milania as Garden Keeper

Not much of people right? But we are still together in this to help our neighbourhood folks.

Please support us.

Thank You