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Revolutionary pillow

New way of sleep improvement and stress elimination

Nicole Leba

by Nicole Leba



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With our pillow customers experience the conforming support of memory foam with the soft comfort of down alternative fiber—all in one pillow. Memory foam pieces blended with premium down alternative fiber offer a unique fill that won’t lose its shape. Luxurious lyocell blend cover provides the ultimate in breathability.

Memory foam pieces combined with down alternative fiber for the most comfortable night sleep. Unique blend of fill recovers quickly to gently conform to the areas you need it most. Cover features a lyocell blend for superior softness and breathability. Hypoallergenic for allergy sensitive sleepers.


our plans

We plan to establish a plant for the production of bed sheets, pillow cases and linens with a capacity of 200,000 pairs, 400,000 and 100,000 pieces, respectively per annum.

The major raw materials required are cotton fabrics, nylon and sewing threads which are available locally though cotton fabric material manufacturers and dealers.

Our project has a backward linkage with the textile sector. The establishment of such factory will create jobs in our area.

Who is this pillow for?

Our product is for adults and children looking to relax and get a better night sleep.

The original version of our pillow was a pad designed specifically for children. As word of its effectiveness got out, we soon learned that a broad variety of ages and groups were actually using it.

We now know that our pillow is relieving stress in both children and adults equally, and that it helps those who have trouble falling asleep as well as those who have difficulty sleeping through the night.