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Commercial real estate

assistance in all legal relationships of real estate ownership

Andry Rozhkov

by Andry Rozhkov

Krivoy Rog


$ 3.00 per share

Reputation: 100.00% (positive +0, 0)
Credit Rating: A-

$ 16.50 per share

+$2.20 (15.4%)

Weekly Dividend: $0.01

Annual Return: 3.12%

Total shares: 477

Shares for Sale: 15

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Real estate

ltd 'KRIVBAS-REALTY' created for the provision of intermediary services in commercial real estate. We are able to assist in all legal reiationship that may arice from the property owner.

Services are provided for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

our plans

  • sale
  • rent
  • management
  • legal support
  • land relations
  • property search

We want to help you and are ready to perform all necessary actions.

about us

1. Conclusion of the contract for the provision of services.
2. The independent expert valuation.
3. Selection of proposals to optimize the cost and timing of implementation.
4. Preparation of an advertising company.
5. Preparation of the necessary documents.
6. Organization of the transaction.