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Cheap food supply

supplying quality fresh food to all at cheap prices

Ndecham  Mai

by Ndecham Mai



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we are seeking for funds to expand our supply of food products into a major city. our business model is to buy food from rural communities, process them at our warehoused and distribut to different retail outlets. we are very effective and have been doing this since 2014. 


our vision is to supply food at lower rates and maximise profits at the same time 

what do we need

We need money to rents a new store and furnish it with the necessary equiptment so as to supply food to over 10000 consumers in that particular locality. this money will pay the rents, insurances and employees of that particular outlet 

about us

We are an Agriculture consultancy firm with the aim to carry out research, consult and provide advice as well as information to businesses, institutions, investors and individuals in Cameroon on Agricultural issues. We combine knowledge with ideas to help farmers and investors best meet the fast growing demand for food in Cameroon in particular and the world at large by Consulting, Managing, and Installing farms for Individuals, Investors and Companies 
Our activities center around agriculture in Cameroon, with the focus to achieving food security in the country. We network farmers with investors to help them best produce at commercial levels. Skyhigh Group Consultancy has a mession to achieve food security in the country and therefore our efforts are geared toward three things; AFFORDABILITY, ACCESSIBILITY & AVAILABILITY  
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