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How can i invest money in stock market? The stock market is a potential market (though it still has many risks ).I 'm working on it in stages. In Vietnam, this market is still new , the majority of people do not have much information about it. There are many companies on it but also individuals and small business people still do not have the opportunity to received with it as much as the foreign market. I think there are two directions so I can invest is : long-term or surfing.And of course I have to prepare some money and psychological entering this market. And I also prepare attend a basic course analysis on September before looking for a good trader and a trading reputation.I also am considering would apply as a teller at a stock exchange and transaction engaged in parallel with the work . However , when I do this work can I just get a commission when the customer transactions without a fixed salary available . It depends on the relationship of business and society availability of each person . If you are a good business opportunity formal contract in company stock That is my opinion.Thank you for your reading Massagno, Switzerland

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Moneyonlineinvestment is the best company i ever see in my life it changing peoples live We are going very far with this company

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