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How long does it take to withdraw $22? ONE YEAR? You want more business? You have to shed your GRAB-GRAB MENTALITY! You could take money from my PayPal account instantly, but you cannot pay via PayPal Instantly? I have been trying to withdraw $22 to my PayPal account for almost a year - without Success! You guys have got to be Kidding!

1 year ago Dennis said:

Every e-mail reply appears to be automated... Are there any humans employed with this company? What is your phone contact? With new members, better service should be a priority. I'm getting the impression that this program is designed to collect people's money without a duty to service.

1 year ago Dennis said:

This program collects my money for shares very efficiently and effectively; but payments and shares to me are slow and inefficient. Still waiting on $22 to be sent to me... How much years will it take?

10 months ago Mohammed wrote: