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6 months ago Abdelilah wrote:

أخي حسني أنا احالة معك وعندي مشكل في البايبال عندما أريد أن اشتري اسهم لا أجد البايبال فقط اجد البنوك الاخرى وانا عندي المال في البايبال هل هناك حلللل

6 months ago Tonykia wrote:

hi ... where do you advertise your link to do ref?

7 months ago Amine wrote:

Chri ashom b zayed bach tkon o dkhal l3andi rah 3andi les sites khrin tab3in lhad lmaw9i3

7 months ago Luis wrote:

what was your last payment and if you have received please answer .. I have 4 days waiting for a payment by PayPal

8 months ago Luis wrote:

still paying i have a delayed PayPal payment never warns me last please answer me back