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I started this business in 2018, I have invested so much on it. I now earn average of $16 everyday. This is sweet to me. I aim $20 daily before the end of the year.

14 hours ago Samkelo wrote:

the major issue is withdrawal rate. it irritating

17 days ago Njima wrote:

Their withdrawal rate is very poor. You invest USD 100 and you can not withdraw USD 50. you make term deposit of usd 300, they give you 12 days and your point is back to nothing and you can not withdraw usd 200. I dont think this is a gokd business.

14 hours ago Jacob commented:

Yes, that is a major issue. i think we need to collectively write then may be there could be change in policy.

8 months ago Akpan wrote:

Yes they are paying

10 months ago Martina wrote:

Are you really paid?

10 months ago Sarif wrote:

Does this website pay really?