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1 year ago Edward said:


1 year ago Edward said:

I had a few problems to iron out and it took a while, but I now have started getting paid.

8 months ago Ramzi wrote:

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1 year ago Le thi wrote:

Hi dear,.. Is it necessary to wait til 30 days to cash out, I just join for 8 days and I got enough unlimited to cashout but they said I don't have enough withdraw fund. Then my bonus points decreased suddenly when I bought 10 shares from Ngapali project. I don't know why. Please help me Thanks

1 year ago Juanita wrote:

Hallo Edward. I just joined and have read a few reports, but would like to know if you really got paid. My email address: jbisalene@gmail.com for direct contact please.

1 year ago Le thi wrote:

Hi Edward, can you please let me know if I can cash out from this platform? I did invest in some money and have 212 points. Mean I can cash out $240 or just cash out each 5 days? Many thanks for your help Kieu

1 year ago Hoyxo wrote:

من يريد شراء حسابي فيه أكثر من 150 دولار و 105 نقطة و 25 سهم لتواصل --- gmohamad871@gmail.com