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for any information contact me at my email. I will answer you right away

1 year ago Maria said:

hi, even after all the points are added randomly, I can not even understand how it is .. not always the same score when you buy

4 months ago Luis wrote:

still paying i have a delayed PayPal payment never warns me last please answer me back

1 year ago Edward wrote:

Sorry, don't know anything about bit coin.

1 year ago Gilbert wrote:

Hi Edward , can you tell us how many points do you acquire using credit card? like 1-2 points (last 15 days purchased?)

1 year ago Edward wrote:

Hi Maria, I cant help you much with bitcoin. I use a credit card, The points seem to take care of themselves. I don't fully understand all the system yet either however it seems when you purchase more shares your money goes out of the accounts and you have to start again but you have much stronger returns after that because of the new dividends. I have taken out some of the money from the dividends, will be the first time, hoping to have it in the next couple of days and will let you know how things go.

1 year ago Gilbert wrote:

Hi can you share your strategy regarding withdrawal or bonus point system. Before i got 1.7-2 points using bitcoin for every dollar purchased. But now its .5 which i find not feasible anymore.