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and after a month I have the dividends in the bank but I can not withdraw because

2 months ago Salaheddine wrote:

  1. investing in the market 

    ever wondered whats the easiest way for getting rich and earning lot of profits.the answer is investing in the market the market never gets saturated there is always demand in the market for investment and if you are lucky you might find a good company to invest. the market is so big that every time a new company enters and they all need investment to get started if you believe a company has a bright future or it can be big you should buy the stocks in this way you will earn a lot of profits in overnight if it works out well. this is the best strategy that you could ever come across the better the company and the more you invest the higher your profits are going to be its simple rule you will reap what you sow. a lot of people fail to see the oppurtunity in this and avoid it while those who see can do a great job.if you are trying to avoid some hard work and use your brain you should start doing some research about the companies where you will be able to make a good amount of profit for the money you are investing its not gonna need much time and work but this is a great work to do it Sofia, Bulgaria