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Is there something specific that i have to do in order to pay with paypal or a credit card. Its not giving me the option. The only options im getting is to use perfect money or bitcoin

7 months ago Kayla said:

Easiest payouts are either PayPal or u can use you bitcoin wallet on cashapp. The only con with bitcoin is that it takes a higher fee to make withdrawals

16 days ago Yole wrote:

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7 months ago Braian wrote:

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7 months ago Ameur wrote:

I have the same problem please let us know the solution

7 months ago Kayla commented:

You will have to have a bitcoin account. Either make one on Coinbase or if you use cashapp you can do it. I like them both but cashapp is for me. Some of the stocks are not available with PayPal or debit card alone you will have to get bitcoins

9 months ago Havinnesh wrote:

omg i have the same problem

8 months ago Kayla commented:

hello I finally figured out how to fix that problem so if you are still having trouble let me know