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11 months ago Caleb wrote:

Please, do not invest in this business. They don't pay you back. I have lost much money by investing here. No money after cash out request.

1 year ago Taha wrote:

من يريد شراء حسابي فيه أكثر من 150 دولار و 105 نقطة و 25 سهم لتواصل --- gmohamad871@gmail.com

1 year ago Antonio wrote:

Salve. Ma c'� qualcuno in questo sito??!@!

1 year ago Alessandro wrote:

Volevo sapere io mi sono iscritto ora ho fatto il mio primo acquisto ma le azioni sono disponibile quando? 

2 years ago Barry wrote:

do you get your money back after the 30days

2 years ago Marneus wrote:

How i can withdrawl?

My las withdrawl is 22 Oct of 2016

I have 19.80$ but in cash-out page say "error"

'Error: you can withdraw once in 30 days, or in 30 days since your registration.' (28/08/2017)