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3 months ago Robin wrote:

I bought a share with PayPal when I joined.  Went to buy some more and it won't let me buy with PayPal anymore and I can't get help from anyone.  I think it's a scam.  When I called the contact number a guy answered and didn't even act like he knew what I was talking about and told me to call him back in an hour.  I did and all he said is I should be able to pay with PayPal.  That's all the emails say when I email them.  No one will fix the issue.  Think I'll just try to cash out after the 30 days.  Very unprofessional.

3 months ago Dominion wrote:

From what am seeing, looks like these guys are not genuine. I was thinking of buying the shares. 

They said minimum withdrawal is $7, and Leonardo withdrew $5 and some one else $0.52 according to them. 

4 months ago Antonio wrote:

Salve. Ma c'è qualcuno in questo sito??

5 months ago Marneus wrote:

this is scam?


I sent a message to the support, but only answered 1 bot.

5 months ago Alessandro wrote:

Volevo sapere io mi sono iscritto ora ho fatto il mio primo acquisto ma le azioni sono disponibile quando? 

6 months ago Barry wrote:

do you get your money back after the 30days

6 months ago Onyemaechi wrote:

I can't withdraw


7 months ago Pallage chaminda wrote:

you  want  to  more  eran  extra  money  and  trusted company go  


7 months ago Marneus wrote:

How i can withdrawl?

My las withdrawl is 22 Oct of 2016

I have 19.80$ but in cash-out page say "error"

'Error: you can withdraw once in 30 days, or in 30 days since your registration.' (28/08/2017)

9 months ago Pallage chaminda wrote:

you want  to  more  money  go  


9 months ago Rodin wrote:

how to make active referals

10 months ago Antonio wrote:

Ciao, scusa un'informazione. Quando durano le azioni non c'è scritto da nessuna parte un anno due? poi si perdono? grazie