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Brai flow records

Brai flow records

Producer Phill Mugabi International Mobile Audio Recording and music production

Phillip Mugabi



ROI: 1184%

$17.63 per share

Fees gh comedy

Fees gh comedy

Achieving the interest in people through comedy

Eric Kofi

Eric Kofi


ROI: 136%

$9.92 per share

Mombasa college

Mombasa college

Locally and internationally recognized college operating since 1953

Head Director



ROI: 1771%

$25.35 per share

where best to invest

Diversifying the portfolio of importance in the use of coins wisely. When investing in certain projects, you realize the gravity in terms of profitability but also said the risk is not small. This is one of the basic rules about it. If you want higher returns, where best to invest meaning you invest in the risky portfolio, but the probability of earning more money. Conversely, if you want to secure cash flow, you may choose to put money into stable, less volatile. Stock market is very attractive people. In 2014, it has made progress, until the end of the year the index has increased by more than 10%. As for 2015, that will have a few highlights follows: firstly on the supply side, if done well the process of equitization of state enterprises, including many groups and corporations tied to the back of the neck be part of the stock listed on the policy of the government under then obviously we will have a better supply. Besides, business and production activities of the company were listed both on the floor better. Through it, the common stock price index and price of each stock on this market will be improved in 2015 following the trend. And so surely will create good opportunities to reap the profit per share.


When Supporting entertainment becomes fun

Aaron Lawrence

by Aaron Lawrence


$33.00 per share

Each novice investor asks where best to invest with my money, to earn as much as possible and that it was safe. By investing your money, you do not depend on changes in the global financial market and make a profit, which can be 2-3 times higher than rates on bank interest. Due to the large number of species of the proposed investment, to select the optimal product can investors with conservative views, and those who seek to obtain higher profits.
You can invest their money in their own business, because business friends or complete strangers. In the latter case, you must be very careful not to fall into the hands of fraudsters. Also, you can invest as a ready-made, really existing company or business idea.
Before investing need to become familiar with the concept and business development opportunities that had a low percentage of risk that will result in the loss of your money. It is also necessary to conclude an agreement on investment to be protected from a legal perspective. And be sure to check out their future potential partners, even if they are your friends. The secret to the success of many investors is compound interest. If you want to navigate the realities of today’s market investments, understand all the intricacies of the various investment instruments and find decent options of investing money, you need to be trained. Earn their capital for the initial investment will help you any way of earnings, which for you is the most convenient.

Eggs Production farm

Eggs business is very Profitable and Daily base Earning method

Jawad Cheema

by Jawad Cheema


$13.20 per share

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