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what to invest

Investments have different meanings in finance and economics In economics, it is related to savings and consumption and delay involved in many areas of the economy, such as business management and economics, whether for households and businesses, or government. what to invest in finance, it is putting money into a property with the expectation of capital appreciation, often long-term future. This may or may not be supported by research and analysis. Most or all of the forms that involve some form of risk, such as filling in shares, real estate and even the fixed-rate securities which could, among other things, risks inflation risk. Conversely put money into something with the hope of short-term benefits, with or without careful analysis, is gambling or speculation. This category would include most forms of derivatives, incorporate a risk factor is not long-term home for the money, for example, a joint stock company with hope a short-term benefits without intend to keep it for a long time. According to the efficient market hypothesis, all investors have equal risk would have to have the same rate of capital recovery expected: that is to say that there is a tradeoff between risk and payback period expectations. good luck for you


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