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Mombasa college

Mombasa college

Locally and internationally recognized college operating since 1953

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Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches today for a better tomorrow!

Deevesh Gokool


Belle Mare

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Negro cassava farm

Negro cassava farm

Let us drive hunger away from our community through youth empowerment

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to invest money

How to Invest Money.
In most cases, the best place to launch your journey to financial independence through investing is to decide which classes you want to own; the basic foundation of a portfolio management concept known as asset allocation. This is necessary because of real estate, stocks, fixed income ... each has its own unique risks, opportunities, pricing structure, market customs, valuation models, legal structures, jargon, and tax rules.
While building a complete portfolio might seem an impossible task, rest assured the dividends, interest, and rents are worth it.
Some are more vital to wealth destroying forces such as inflation while others have bigger barriers-to-entry that mean you'll have to save money for a lot longer before you can jump in with both feet. What makes it even more interesting is that not only will you tend to gravitate toward specific asset classes based on your own personality, you'll find that different asset classes meet different needs at different times in your life.
An example: If you're retired in your seventies, it doesn't make a lot of sense to hold huge stock positions unless you plan on passing a decent-sized estate to your heirs or charity. Instead, you'd likely be better off enjoying the relative safety and stability of interest income from high-quality bonds.
That way, if the country were to descend into a Great Depression, your odds of maintaining your standard of living would be much improved.

Rising sun montessori school

Education for the young ones from nursery to primary

Phillip Mugabi

by Phillip Mugabi


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Made with love by opal bell

half the investments i am donating and half i will use to get items

Opal Bell

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To invest money simply means making money on your original investment as well as on the gains made in following years . In short, as your money makes money, so it should make more, a relatively simple concept that, over time, is hugely beneficial.If you leave your investment for a long period of time, the investment not only grows each year, but grows exponentially. This interest is called compound interest, and is the key to long-term growth and wealth.If you want a shot at becoming wealthy, you need to do more than simply earn money. Most importantly, you need to hold onto the money you earn. And then, you need to grow your money. In order to grow your money, you need to learn how to invest.
When you become an investor, you’ll be using your money to acquire things that offer the potential for profitable returns through one or more of the following:
Interest and dividends from savings or dividend-paying stocks and bonds
Cash flow from businesses or real estate
Appreciation of value from a stock portfolio, real estate, or other assets
As you learn to become an investor, you will begin to devote your limited resources to the things with the largest potential for returns. That may be paying down debt, going back to school, or fixing up a two-family house.Of course, it may also mean buying stocks and bonds, or at least mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.
Thanks to advances in technology, you can start to invest with as little as $5 a month and a smartphone. It’s our job to help you filter out the noise, learn the basics, and make good investment decisions from the start

Farm agricultural produce supply

products of agriculture supply for income

Yahaya Lawal

by Yahaya Lawal


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