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Russian food in moscow n1

Russian food in moscow n1

Fast delivery of Russian delicious food in Moscow

Valentina Karpovec

by Valentina Karpovec


$3.00 per share

Waste in revenues (plastic recycling plant)

Waste in revenues (plastic recycling plant)

Pioneering company that is unique in the world

Otto Galas

by Otto Galas


$45.00 per share

Coin collector bitcoins generator

Coin collector bitcoins generator

Save manually to reach the moment when you have to reach society

Ivaylo Bogoev

by Ivaylo Bogoev


$37.50 per share

Universal designs

Universal designs

Create and design the world around us starting our dreams

Anderson Luiz reis da silva

by Anderson Luiz reis da silva

São vicente

$75.00 per share

stock market

Investing is very complicated because it is our own money, where the head comes from what we should do about it. This is what the stock market is, investment and reward, depending on the area we invest, we will have a good return to keep a good bit, because we all have dreams of having a very comfortable financial life, so we have to focus and risk. However, what we want is to have a good income, and investing in savings is also a good thing, because we have the monthly income and we do not have those values ​​stuck, to use when we need them, and we also have the guarantee that your money will be there at the end of the year. month. The values ​​in view are not so much more unsecured, now for those who really like to risk, the stock market is a full plate even, it is up to the investor to analyze what really fits and make a wise decision in relation. Guaranteeing a good income is what we want very much and as I said earlier to have a good life and of course with money in the pocket, so for this we will invest where we find the best for us and one of us

Tennis club

Send your child to our hands and we promise you he will be new tennis player

Rudolf Dulik

by Rudolf Dulik


$300.00 per share

Mombasa college

Locally and internationally recognized college operating since 1953

Head Director

by Head Director


$105.00 per share

Formal financial statements, the Auditors’ Report, together with the Directors’ Report issued by a company. These financial statements are usually prepared at the close of the company’s financial year.
stock market schools
The simultaneous purchase and sale of the same security on different exchanges at prices which yield a profit.
market schools
An investor who anticipates for a decline in .
Bear Market
A market in which prices are declining in . A serious decline is called a depression. A short decline in a rising market is looked upon as a technical correction.
Bid and Ask
The bid is the highest price any one has offered to pay for a security at a given time; the asked is the lowest price any one has offered to accept for a security at a given time.
Blue Chip
A large well-established company with a history of profitable .
Book Closing
The closure of books by a company to determine the shareholders’ rights to receive bonus, dividend, rights, etc. No transfers are recorded during this period.
Denotes greater activity on the exchange
An investor who anticipates for a rise in .
Bull Market
A market in which stock prices are rising in . If the market is recovering from a deep decline, the early stage of the uptrend is called an up reversal, turnaround, rally or recovery.
Capital Gain/ Loss
Profit or loss arising from the sale of securities.
Capital Gain tax
Tax payable on profit arising from appreciation in value of investment, realized at the time of selling or maturity of investment.
Settlement or clearance of dues accounts in.

Securities or other properties pledged by a borrower to secure the repayment of a loan.t of a loan.

Skyweb investment bank

Skyweb Investment Bank, is a Forex Trader, Bitcoin Investor

Shadreck Zhuanginyu

by Shadreck Zhuanginyu


$105.00 per share

wdw, Palestinian Territory

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