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Negro cassava farm

Negro cassava farm

Let us drive hunger away from our community through youth empowerment

Olanipekun Adewale



ROI: 136%

$9.97 per share

Mombasa college

Mombasa college

Locally and internationally recognized college operating since 1953

Head Director



ROI: 1184%

$17.75 per share

Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches today for a better tomorrow!

Deevesh Gokool


Belle Mare

ROI: 1771%

$25.52 per share

position trading

Position trading
It a term used specially by traders some people are wondering what that is, well the answer is simple. When you are trading you must know whether the market is moving towards your favour or not so some people use this term or tool to be able to analyse the market. You must open up positions to avoid risk and losses if the market is not moving in favour of you than the position must close the trade quickly before you make too much of a loss.ask those who are trading for a living how important is this term to them and how much it means to them make it easy don't complicate your strategy by trying to be the best just simply open up positions once the trade is starting to lose let it close itself

Rising sun montessori school

Education for the young ones from nursery to primary

Phillip Mugabi

by Phillip Mugabi


$55.00 per share

Coin traders profit

Discover new advantages in Crypto Finance

Anne Binti haron

by Anne Binti haron

Kuala Lumpur

$15.40 per share

Position trading is taking a position in an asset, expecting to participate in a major trend and is the opposite of daily trading, where traders make trades daily and spend hours trading.The main risk of PT is that minor fluctuations, which are commonly ignored, can turn into a full trend reversal and result in a significant loss or drawdown if the trader fails to monitor the position or puts safeguards in place to protect their capital.While this is a danger it also works in the trader’s favor, as the position will also accumulate profit while they’re not looking.The effects of compounding are also negligible with PT, since profits aren’t locked in very often and the account balance doesn’t actually increase until the position is closed at a profit.

Farm agricultural produce supply

products of agriculture supply for income

Yahaya Lawal

by Yahaya Lawal


$19.80 per share

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