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making money from stock market

Making money from stock market
Some may find stock market a scary, complicated way of getting income, or something like a big roulette wheel. Others may find it boring or too hard to understand, but all those opinions come from misunderstanding the system and its nature, and from lack of knowledge in this sphere. Knowing how this market works, its nature and principles will give you more confidence and might make you rethink about this market, and help you invest sums of your money in order to get a lifetime income that might grow during time. This confidence is worth getting because it is one of the ways to get a lifetime income without no effort from your side.
Stock is a slice of some company that belongs to you. When you own this slice, you get the right to vote on decisions, a right to a share of future earnings, attend shareholder’s meeting etc. The point is to get a stream of dividends (share of earnings) for as long as possible. The value of a stock depends on the amount of dividends this stock will pay you. Nobody can predict the actual income a company will have in the future, that is why there are analysts that worry about that problem and that’s what makes it more interesting.


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