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Eyetracking healthcare tech

Eyetracking healthcare tech

Innovation of new assistive technologies

Andrea Durrant

by Andrea Durrant


$6.68 per share

Ethereum mining farm project

Ethereum mining farm project

Need some fund for starting new ethereum mining farm project

Nitesh Yadav

by Nitesh Yadav


$10.56 per share

Universal designs

Universal designs

Create and design the world around us starting our dreams

Anderson Luiz reis da silva

by Anderson Luiz reis da silva

São vicente

$3.00 per share

Waste in revenues (plastic recycling plant)

Waste in revenues (plastic recycling plant)

Pioneering company that is unique in the world

Otto Galas

by Otto Galas


$17.99 per share

investing for teens

Investing for teens good manner this application was Ricki but her men life Rick full every time but Rick was earn money earn my status was very powerful please tell me comments my first translation the
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Revolutionary pillow

New way of sleep improvement and stress elimination

Nicole Leba

by Nicole Leba


$225.00 per share

The one thing a child will often face is dependability. Most children are raised up dependent on their parents, or guardians or someone. Often they don't face serious financial demands from the world, and if they do, they will look up to their caretakers to deal with that need. What happens though is that for most, the reality of building their own wealth does not kick in until later in life, because they are raised with the attitude of getting an education and settling for a job. But investment isn't something that's for the much older folk, it's also for teens. It's never too early to start, and it's wiser for the younger because there's not much temptation to spend all their investments. Investing for teens then is an area any parent would want their child to venture into. It's something any teenager should care to learn.


Universal knowledge in Video, Astronomy, Archaeology, Aliens & UFO

Alessandro Brizzi

by Alessandro Brizzi


$270.00 per share

One of the noticeable things about stock trading is the age limit, to be able to invest in stocks you have to be atleast 18 years old in most states. Here is the thing though, you don't have to first be 18 before you start investing. Other than stocks, there's a lot of investment opportunities. Even then, when it comes to stock trading you'll find that it is acceptable to do the investing for teens. In other words, even when you don't meet the age requirements, you can have your guardian help you do the trades until you are of legal age. In light of that, anyone can invest.

Skyweb investment bank

Skyweb Investment Bank, is a Forex Trader, Bitcoin Investor

Shadreck Zhuanginyu

by Shadreck Zhuanginyu


$120.00 per share

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