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All great wealth starts somewhere. Investment and compounding money . In this article we explore 1 ways to invest $10

To compound your money passively is one thing and you will get a certain result. Usually very low. To invest $10 in the invest in share market
which offer returns of 5% to 10% would almost be futile. At 10% wait 10 years to have a total of $1.00000 dollars.

When we forget about banks and traditional investment vehicle’s we start to think, well, how CAN I invest $10 and end up with $11 by the end of the week? Because, if I can do that, there is nothing to stop me from making $1.00000 dollars in 2 years. The reason why is because the proportional increase is the is always 10% so no matter what level you are at,$10 or $100 or $100,000 you are still after that same proportion or 10%

way to look at it, What if instead of 10% we manufacture 20% per week. That’s just $20 in the first week, in the second week it’s $22 and so on. This does sound do-able.

Actually it is very do-able. Think outside the square and develop a strategy that can make you $1 to $10 .


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