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Custom made jewelries

Custom made jewelries

We create masterpieces that perfectly captures soul romance

Changchang Wang

by Changchang Wang


$3.00 per share

Trade-exchange bitcoin

Trade-exchange bitcoin

Invest in the bitcoin trading business and receive high returns

Vinu Ghimire

by Vinu Ghimire


$4.50 per share

C and c agrofam

C and c agrofam

Providing food for all through active agricultural practice

Ohabughiro Charles

by Ohabughiro Charles


$5.40 per share

Digital litecoin currency

Digital litecoin currency

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open source software project

Kumail Raza

by Kumail Raza


$44.25 per share

equity market

What is the stock market or the equity market?
The stock market is the place to meet supply and demand of securities. The meeting point for those in need of funding, in this case, and those companies that have financial resources, ie investors.

Securities are documents representing rights over movable property (goods, money, etc.), in short, the securities are shares, bonds, fund units and certificates traded on the equity market.
Shares are securities that represent a certain part, fixed and predetermined, the capital of a company which give the holder the right to receive dividends. In other words actions are part of the share capital of a company, they are part of the wealth of a society.
Holding one share, we have basically a small part of the company.

Revolutionary pillow

New way of sleep improvement and stress elimination

Nicole Leba

by Nicole Leba


$450.00 per share

Equity market

It is a place where the buyers and sellers a meeting. It where shares company and the people who want to buy stock agree to the price of selling the shares. JSE is a equity market . They are many examples of it worldwide. It helps the buyers and sellers to meet. The companies that sell shares must not sell with a high price which people can not afford it. JSE helps people who want to buy stock with a market index. People have to know what is happening in a global market. Traders must know about the prices in market. It you are welling to buy shares you have to understand the market place. You must buy things that you are going to get profit from it. Sometimes prices go up and down that means you can lost money or found a profit. You must know a good time to buy and sell your shares. Check the index every time . You must understand that you are doing. Know exactly about market.

General music productions

Giving local artist's a opportunity and studio experience!

Kentrel Byrd

by Kentrel Byrd

$135.00 per share

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Skyweb investment bank

Skyweb Investment Bank, is a Forex Trader, Bitcoin Investor

Shadreck Zhuanginyu

by Shadreck Zhuanginyu


$120.00 per share

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