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Mombasa college

Mombasa college

Locally and internationally recognized college operating since 1953

Head Director



ROI: 1169%

$17.16 per share

Negro cassava farm

Negro cassava farm

Let us drive hunger away from our community through youth empowerment

Olanipekun Adewale



ROI: 137%

$9.68 per share

Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches today for a better tomorrow!

Deevesh Gokool


Belle Mare

ROI: 1749%

$24.64 per share

equity market

EnglishIt would provide equity funding in the expectation of a return but on a less demanding basis than pure market private equity capital.more
EnglishWhether or not the money will come onto the equity market in the form of direct investment or via UCITS is not relevant here.more_vert

EnglishOf course, you cannot have social equity without a competitive market, but nor are we willing to accept a Europe of economic efficiency without fairness.more
EnglishThe Commission should conduct a comparative analysis of what is actually being made available to SMEs in the equity investment market and what their actual needs are.more_ver
In finanza il mercato azionario è il luogo, non necessariamente fisico, dove sono negoziati i titoli azionari. Tale mercato si distingue in primario e secondario. Sul mercato primario sono collocate le azioni di nuova emissione, mentre su quello secondario sono negoziati titoli già in circolazione. Le imprese emittenti pertanto raccolgono nuove risorse finanziarie solo tramite il mercato primario.

Rising sun montessori school

Education for the young ones from nursery to primary

Phillip Mugabi

by Phillip Mugabi


$55.00 per share

Made with love by opal bell

half the investments i am donating and half i will use to get items

Opal Bell

by Opal Bell


$42.35 per share

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Commercial real estate

assistance in all legal relationships of real estate ownership

Andry Rozhkov

by Andry Rozhkov

Krivoy Rog

$16.50 per share

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