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Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches today for a better tomorrow!

Deevesh Gokool


Belle Mare

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Mombasa college

Mombasa college

Locally and internationally recognized college operating since 1953

Head Director



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Negro cassava farm

Negro cassava farm

Let us drive hunger away from our community through youth empowerment

Olanipekun Adewale



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business news

Success in any type of business highly depends on knowledge. That is knowledge of your trade, and knowledge of the market. All successful business are riding on this. Consider Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, or Job's Apple, or Zuckerberg's Facebook, all these business empires are run on knowledge and understanding. There question is, where is this knowledge coming from? Most of what you need to know for your business is all around you, in the news papers, on the internet etc. Following business news, especially on your area of expertise (and other areas of course), is a good way to start. Warren Buffet for instance hunts framed news papers on his walls. That should communicate something. Keep yourself informed at all times.

Rising sun montessori school

Education for the young ones from nursery to primary

Phillip Mugabi

by Phillip Mugabi


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Business reporting is the piece of journalism that tracks, records, breaks down and translates the business, monetary and money related exercises and changes that happen in social orders. Points normally cover the whole domain of every business action identified with the economy.

This zone of news gives news and highlight about individuals, places, and issues identified with the business part. Most[quantify] daily papers, magazines, radio, and TV news indicates incorporate a business fragment. Nitty Gritty and inside and out business news may show up in productions, radio, and TV stations devoted particularly to business and budgetary news-casting.

Business news-casting started as ahead of schedule as the Medieval times, to help understood exchanging families speak with each other.
Around 1700, Daniel Defoe- - best known for his books particularly Robinson Crusoe- - started distributing business and monetary news. Of every 1882 Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser started a wire benefit that conveyed the news to venture houses along Money Road. While the acclaimed muckraking writer Ida Tarbell did not view herself as a business correspondent, her announcing and expounding on the Standard Oil Co. in 1902 gave the format to how a great many business columnists have secured organizations from that point onward. Business scope picked up unmistakable quality in the 1990s, with a more extensive interest in the share trading system. The Money Road Diary is one noticeable case of business reporting and is among the Unified Conditions of America's best daily papers as far as both flow and regard for the writers whose work shows up there.

Made with love by opal bell

half the investments i am donating and half i will use to get items

Opal Bell

by Opal Bell


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What is business news?

This can be defined as information that is reported, online, in a newspaper, forum, on tv/radio etc, about information relating to the business industry.

Their are many many resources on the internet that have and showcase this type of news, and many people read this to gain information and current events/tips/ and hints about the business industry.

Having knowledge and knowing good information is vital to ANYONE who is involved in business, stakeholders e.g customers, managers,employees etc., and shareholdes (who are a stakeholder), and it is good for anyone to have business knowledge as it is a lifeskill and handy to know whats going on in life.

This news can be about the Share market, economy, small and big businesses, new laws, taxes, trading, new regulations, companys, social enterprises and a whole lot more.

Farm agricultural produce supply

products of agriculture supply for income

Yahaya Lawal

by Yahaya Lawal


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