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Best way to secure your money

Our website provides synthetic stock exchange market where you can purchase digital shares of Internet web sites.

Buying digital shares of a web site you are receiving rights to gain dividends from this web site and at any time you can sell your shares for the best price (you do not have any rights to the web site property).

Each digital share brings a dividend on your account on the daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The amount of dividend depends on share.

Your income includes dividends and growing price of shares.

Some stocks are rising in price by up to 80% per month that profit from their sale can be very high.

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Various methods of payment

Our goal is the unlimited financial freedom for our investors.

We enable our customers to make deposits through the number of online currencies:

Visa, Master Card Paypal Perfect Money Bitcoin

Our Features

We are worldwide investment company who are committed to the principle of revenue maximization and reduction of the financial risks at investing.
The minimum deposit is $2, and maximum is $100,000. We pay 7 days per week.
You may make additional deposits at any time. All our payments are instant payments.

  • Instant Withdraw
  • Dedicated Server
  • DDoS Protection
  • 24/7 Support
  • Professional Management Team

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Invest with no risk

We are welcome everyone who willing to make safe investments.
Our stock exchange is solely for established high-performance web sites which have high growth potential and correspond with our strict listing requirements.
All our issuers have obligation to pay dividends for first year regardless their financial situation that your investments are 100% secured.

You can calculate your profit from a share using our calculator:

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Affiliate Program

Our partner program can increase your income by receiving percentage from the purchases made by your referrals into.

You can invite other users (for example, your friends, co-workers, etc.) to join the project. After registration they will be your referrals; and if they purchase any item on our web site you receive 20% reward.
We pay via: Paypal or Bitcoin

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Why Money Online Investment?

Our service gives you better result and savings, as per your requirement and you can manage your investments from anywhere either form home or work place, at any time.

share Price Growth
3d kitchen design and projects 3d kitchen design and projects $90.00 1,900.0%
Isb art design Isb art design $75.00 733.3%
Grand turk carnival beach chair rentals Grand turk carnival beach chai... $24.00 503.0%
Ds construction Ds construction $36.00 380.0%
Blackjack winners Blackjack winners $11.25 275.0%
Shaiya infinity Shaiya infinity $15.00 233.3%
Lucky paw (save the street dogs) Lucky paw (save the street dog... $24.00 113.3%
Construtora e pavimentadora real ltda-me Construtora e pavimentadora re... $7.50 66.7%
That one band That one band $6.00 60.0%
Photo-vasilisa-genm Photo-vasilisa-genm $22.50 50.0%
Designer women wears and accessories Designer women wears and acces... $4.50 50.0%
Wealthy bitcoin miners Wealthy bitcoin miners $66.00 46.7%
Swiss watches family business Swiss watches family business $9.00 20.0%

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